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  • Email Ms. Lynaugh at [email protected] informing her that your child will be absent and the reason why. Please cc' the teacher
  • Provide Ms. Lynaugh with any documentation regarding the absence (doctor's notes, appointment receipts, etc.) via email or bring documentation to the main office
  • Please take the time to read the attendance policy below


Every student should strive to achieve 100% attendance. A major factor in determining your child’s success in school is attendance. Did you know that a student with 90% attendance every year from kindergarten to eighth grade enters high school having missed almost an entire year of school? Poor attendance will lead your child to miss critical work, will negatively affect performance and progress, and will limit your child’s chance for success in life. Therefore, it is essential that your child arrives to school on time every day. Having said that, we do understand that students will miss school on occasion. Children who are sick, particularly with a communicable illness or fever, need to stay home. If this occurs, please be sure to communicate with their teacher/s to establish a plan to make up missed work.

Your child must be at school each day no later than 8:30. Attendance will be taken once students arrive to class. Any child who is not present when attendance is taken will be marked absent. This will be changed to late if the child arrives after attendance is taken. A child must remain in school for at least one full period to be marked present for the day. If a child is not in school for at least a period, that child will be marked absent. In some cases, absences can be coded as “excused”, but they are still absences and must be part of the student’s record. Please note that vacations are not excused absences and parents should refrain from scheduling vacations on school days. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide work to students who miss school due to vacations or other non-essential travel.

Please note that children who are involved in any after school activity must be present in school that day in order to participate in their respective activities.

If you would like more information on strategies to encourage proper attendance in your child, you can contact one of our guidance counselors, Ms. Viglietta at [email protected], Ms. Popowich at [email protected], or Ms. Rodriguez at [email protected]. You can also find helpful resources at the following link: