Contact Protocol


                                                                P.S./I.S. 49 Contact Protocol for Remote Learning
Contact Protocol
  1. You should email your child’s teacher directly with specific questions related to instruction or the online resources provided.
  2. You can email the parent coordinator, Ms. Agrinsoni at if you have general questions or are not sure who to contact.
  3. You can email the school secretaries for general information or to be directed to the appropriate staff member at the following addresses:
  1. Ms. Viglietta, our guidance counselor can be reached at if you would like to arrange for your child to speak to a guidance counselor or have high school questions.
  2. Grade specific concerns that may require attention by an administrator can be brought to the following assistant principals:
  1. I am also available via email at if I can be of any assistance, you should not hesitate to contact me.