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2020 Summer Debate & Speech Camp

We are very excited to offer Special Scholarships made available by our generous donors for students to participate in our 4th Annual "Public Speaking, Debate & Speech Summer Camp" hosted by the American Debate League in partnership with Queens College. Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting our summer camp online this year.
Please share this email and flyer with all administrators, school staff, parents, and community members. We do not have a deadline for this special scholarship award, however, this opportunity is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. To receive the special scholarship, please go to our website and use the special scholarship code to accept the special scholarship.
(Enter Special Scholarship Code: adl2020 when registering)
If you have any questions about the camp, please contact us at 646-883-0123 or email us at:
Please click the link below for the American Debate League website
Please click the link below for the 2020 Virtual Debate Camp Flyer
2020 Virtual Summer Debate Camp
Dates: June 29-August 21 (Students can sign up for 1-3 weeks)
Times: 9-12pm or 1-4pm
Tuition: $99.00 per weekly session
(Includes the registration and administrative fee)
Special Scholarship Code: adl2020
Programs Offered
Public Speaking and Public Forum Debate (4-12th Grade)
Speech - Intro to Speech/Interpretative & Individual Events (6-12th Grade)
Parliamentary Debate (6-12th Grade)
Lincoln Douglas Debate (9-12th Grade)
Policy Debate (9-12th Grade)
Why American Debate League?
The American Debate League was founded in 2014 as the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to provide young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop debating, speaking, and literacy skills through debate training and competitions that will ultimately improve self-esteem, academic achievement, graduation rates, and access to higher education.
We hosted our 3rd Annual Summer Debate and Speech Camp last year in partnership with Queens College to over 500 students from 130 different schools across New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, and New Jersey.
Our goal is to help all students to become better thinkers, speakers, and leaders.
Why Virtual (Online) Debate & Speech Camp?
To maintain students in a place of motivation, academic readiness, and simple good emotional health, we need to bring them online for education, intellectual stimulation, occupation, and socialization. Not only Is the American Debate League prepared to offer this, it is our honor and, I think, our obligation to help students (and yourselves!) participate in a unique opportunity, one which we have literally never experienced before.
The American Debate League has worked hard to serve the New York student community, and we are, I think, justifiably proud of the benefits we have brought to students in our region. That being said, we have always welcomed students from outside of our area; but given the logistics of travel and other costs, it simply hasn’t been a realistic solution for most out-of-area students.
But the Online Debate Camp has no such limitations. And it we, ourselves; and our fellow educators; and our parent-teacher communities, who have the power to create something unique: this summer’s Debate Camp will be a national, even an international, experience.
How many of our students have out-of-state friends, friends whom they miss, friends with whom they’d love to engage in the rigorous and spirited activities of debate camps? How many of you know other educators all around the country, or sometimes, all around the world—either through personal connections, such as having belonged to the same learning cohort, or professional opportunities, such as various educational conventions? How many of your schools have active exchange programs, or even sister school partnerships, with academic facilities in other nations?
The epidemic has forced us to go forward with something that’s been discussed since the advent of Internet telecommunication, but which has never really seen true deployment before: virtual learning which is not dependent on geography or regional proximity. This is the first summer when there is a full agreement in the parent, teacher, and student communities that we need online education.
Summer Debate Camp

This Virtual Debate & Speech program is open to all upper elementary to high school students that is designed to teach the students the fundamentals of public speaking and argumentation skills that will enable them to develop confidence,...

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