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**Sensory Garden Project**

Sensory Garden Powerpoint

List of materials

Dear Parent\Guardian, 
In collaboration with our school nurse, Ms. Ciulla, and the PTA, we are going to create a Sensory Garden in the school perimeter. This will be a place where students can interact with nature using all five senses. The link below will give you an idea of what Sensory Gardens in other locations look like. Ours will follow this same theme. 
This is a big undertaking and we are hoping to offset some of the costs through parent donations. Attached is a list of items we need to make this project work. I recognize that some are rather unique and specific to the garden. Some however, you may have around the house. If you are willing to donate anything that you see on the list, please contact the PTA Additionally, if you are able to help out with the construction of the project, please let the PTA know as well and we will follow up to see if we can schedule a time that works for you. 
Tom Carty
Principal, P.S.\I.S. 49Q