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neighborhood tutors


Neighborhood Tutors


  1. Nicole Vasiu is a special educator but can work with all students. She is most comfortable with students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 718-909-7520.
  2. Daniella Lazarus is a former 49 student who is in high school now. She started a free online tutoring program and uses high school students. Link is:
  3. Marianna Copploa is a special education teacher. Contact info is: 347-658-4604

  1. Laura Salamone. Certified K-6 teacher with 26 years experience.. 917-309-5622.
  1. Deborah Tscherne. Dual licensed gen. Ed and sp. Ed. Grades 1-6. 1-917-497-6582
  2. Marko Zimic  is a senior at Stuyvesant High School and a part of their honor society so he has experience tutoring underclassmen at Stuyvesant.  He has also tutored elementary school children as well as middle school students and has also prepped them for the SHSAT exam. Here is a link to his LinkedIn bio for more information: He can be reached at or 718-309-0214.
  3. Margaret Jones is certified in gen Ed and special Ed math for grades 1-8. She is most comfortable with middle school students. 917-359-7424 
  4. Maya Cwalina is a 49 graduate and college student who tutors children in the neighborhood. She can be reached at (347)393-8108 and