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    In this section of the website, all the materials covered in class, from the various units of study will be available to the parents and the students.  Feel free to contact me via e-mail: 

    Our First Unit of Study will be Maps and Geography.  In this unit the students will be learning about the four main parts of a map, latitude, longitude, the Equator and the Prime Meridian.  We will also study different landforms and geographical terms that will later come up in our study of American History.  This will give the students a basic understanding of the importance of geography. During this unit the students discuss The Forever Factors (Geography, Political, Social, Economic, and Technology) in relation to the world. These ideas are a constant factor throughout history.  The students will reflect back on these concepts throughout our various units.  
    Our second Unit of Study will be Native Americans.  The students will learn about how the Native Americans came to settle in North America.  We will study the culture, lives, and heritage of the first settlers on our land.
    Our third Unit of Study will focus on the Age of Exploration.  The students will learn about several explorers and their journies exploring the New World.  We will also learn about their reasons for exploring and the clashes with other civilizations.  
    Our fourth Unit of Study will be  English Colonization. The students will learn how the English looked at North America as a vital land, rich in natural resources.  We will see how the English Empire treasured their new land and was both protective and possesive of it.  
    Our fifth Unit of Study will be The Road to the Revolution. The students will study about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War.  We will look at important events and prominent individuals during this turbulant and sometimes violent time period.  We will study the economy of the Thirteen Colonies and how it was affected by British Rule.
    Our next Unit of Study will be the Revolutionary War.  The students will learn aboout the the first battle of the war, important leaders (both military and political), important battles, inportant events, and documents.
    Our next Unit of Study will be A New Nation. The students will learn how the United States Government was put into place.  We will study how the Articles of Confederation were ineffective and how the Three Branches of Government came to be our governing body.
    Our last Unit of Study will be Westward Expansion.  The students will learn how the United States expanded from its original Thirteen Colonies to the Pacific Ocean.  We will focus on the relationship between the settlers and the Native Americans, focusing on a clash of differnent cultures, ideas, and rights




    The order is rapidly fading, and the first one now will later be last for the times they are a-changing.

                                                                                                                                    -Bob Dylan