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    All students must log join their classes on google classroom and zoom using thier doe email addresses. All google classrooms and zoom can be found on TeachHub. 

     If you do not know your child's doe email address, you can access the email and reset the password by using the link below. 

    DOE Email Address and Reset Password

    Once you have the doe email address and password, you can access the google classroom and zoom apps through TeachHub.  You must use the email address without the @nycstudents.net



    Use the google classroom codes to join your classes. 


    501 Social Studies: u6fetib

    501 ELA: jwkub6l

    501 Math: umr7s6y



    503 Social Studies: ymy3zmu

    503 ELA: nuena3v

    503 Math: xawtxo4



    504 Social Studies: plidqam

    504 Math: qo44ypa

    504 ELA: et7rngp



    505 ELA: bttjcpa

    505 Math: 4fyrldn

    505 Science: bso6gbr

    505 Social Studies: 27veul3


    506 ELA: 2zgnf7z

    506 Math: rztomer

    506 Science: ymknkqt

    506 Social Studies: y37cvp6


    507 Math: 7dffrbe

    507 ELA: nos4yl6

    507 Science: fqqeqia

    507 Social Studies: ginw455


    Mr Schumacher

    Group A Blended Learning  eqsh2op

    Group B Blended Learning  k6ur7sg

    Group C Blended Learning  cqfiu5r