Teachers: Mollin, Spyridakis, A.Martinez, Tague, Schiraldo, Viglietta, Kokkosis

  • (Under Construction- there will be on going changes as we move forward)
    Welcome Back Parents and Students!

    Welcome to the new school year. We hope you had a funl and restful summer. We are excited that schooll will be starting on Monday September 21, 2020 for remote AND blended learning students. Because of the pandemic, classes will be held in different ways, using remote learning and/or blended learning. While no one knows how soon we will be able to return to classrooms, we look forward to the day when students will be able to learn side by side without the need for personal protective equipment. Until that time, we will do whatever is necessary to keep all students safe. 

    New for this school year, there will be scheduled times when teachers will be live, online, using technology and teachers that will be in school conducting live lessons. In any type of learning scenerio,  your child's education is of utmost importance to us. With that being said, we will be using Zoom through your NYCDOE account that should have been set up before the beginning of the school year as well as Google Classroom for remote and blended learning. 

    Logging into Google Classroom

    In order to log into Google Classroom, you will need to log into google classroom using your DOE student account. These are the accounts that end in @nycstudents.net. Your student ID is your username followed by @nycstudents.net. Your username should be the first letter of your first name and your last name, for example:

    Thomas Carty = TCarty@nycstudents.net

    You should have your own password for your account. If you do not remember your password, please contact the Parent Coordinator:  aagrinsoni@schools.nyc.gov

     Logging into ZOOM

    In order to attend a Zoom meeting each day wth your class, please follow the directions here to https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home/technical-tools-and-support/getting-started-with-zoom to log into zoom. You can also go directly to the ZOOM app and select "Sign in with SSO". The company domain is NYC DOE. This will take you to where to log in with your DOE student account.  


    Ms. Spyridakis - Kspyridakis@schools.nyc.gov 

    Mrs. Schiraldo - Jschiraldo@schools.nyc.gov

    Mrs. Kokkosis - kkokkosis@schools.nyc.gov



    Mrs. Mollin - mmollin@schools.nyc.gov  (ON-SITE TEACHING)

    Ms. A. Martinez: Amartinez74@schools.nyc.gov. (ON-SITE TEACHING)

    Ms. Tague: Stague@schools.nyc.gov  (ON-SITE TEACHING)

    Ms. Viglietta - Nviglietta@schols.nyc.gov (BLENDED TEACHING - Remote and on-site teaching)


    We have attached the directions on how to join a class as well as a class code for each major subject.

    Google Classroom Instructions

    Please log on with your child to review the features of Google Classroom. 

    Any student who doesn't know his/her account information should let their homeroom teacher know as soon as possible. 

    We also encourage students to download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. This enables them to receive notifications when assignments or announcements have been posted, with handouts and worksheets attached. 


    How to Login to Google Classroom to join a class

    1. Go to classroom.google.com

    2. On the upper right-hand corner, click on the “+” symbol

    3. Click “Join Class”

    4. Enter in the appropriate class code



    ELA: 7fqoaxi
    Math: pa3eb3f
    Social Studies: rocsuag               
    Science: 5y4wxff



    ELA: wjymgmo 
    Math: ffdp33z
    Science: gqr7hpd 
    Social Studies: 5qhk2vm



    ELA: 73ahfse 

    Math: 336e4pf 

    Science: grxbrlc 

    Social Studies: 4my3eik  


    Logging onto REMIND:

    Download the Remind app and use the information to join 4th Grade

    Class Name: 4th Grade

    Class code @: ggkc6e4cgf



    This year the PE dept will be heading outside as often as possible, keeping our students active while keeping social distancing.  We cannot take a class (cohort) to the park until we have that entire group's slips.  The slips have been posted onto the 49 website.  Please complete the form and bring them in ASAP.   While we don't have Kindergarten or 1st grade on our schedules, it will probably be important for studnets to submit them as well.


    Thank you!

    4th Grade Team