Teachers: Mrs. Mollin, Ms. Spyridakis, Ms.Martinez,Ms. Schiraldo, Ms. Tague

  • Welcome to the 4th Grade Website! 
    We look forward to using the website as a resource and teaching tool for both parents and students.  You will be able to access homework, reading logs, some materials handed out in class, common core standards for each subject area, important forms, and many other wonderful resources!  On the left side of the home screen, as well as the bottom of this page, you can find the different pages that we provide.  
    Please take a few minutes to navigate around our website.  If you have any suggestions for our class site or would like to see anything else added please feel free to email us.  We welcome any and all suggestions!
    We look forward to getting to know you and working with you to have a great and successful year!
    Please feel free to contact us about anything that you need.  Our email addresses are listed below for your convenience. 
    Mrs. Mollin - mmollin@schools.nyc.gov  
    Ms. Spyridakis- Kspyridakis@schools.nyc.gov  
    Ms. Tague - Stague@schools.nyc.gov
    Ms. A. Martinez– amartinez74@schools.nyc.gov