Teachers: Mollin, Spyridakis, Starace (A. Martinez), Tague, Galvin

    Welcome Back Parents and Students!

    We just want to take a moment to welcome you back to school for the 2021-2022 school year! It’s great to be celebrating the start of a new school year at PS/IS49. Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, we are glad to know that our students will be returning to the building this year for in- person learning.  Even though we are still faced with the spread of COVID 19 and other variants, we will continue to provide the students with the necessary safety and health protocols as outlined by our local State Health Department(s) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    We look forward to welcoming the students for another year focused on academic progress and achievement. We also look forward to building a partnership with parents where we can work together to ensure the best academic outcomes for the students to excel at PS/IS49.   

    New for this school year, there will be times where students will be completing some classwork using computers in school and occasionally completing homework on Google Classroom at home. It is important that students have access to Google Classroom to see the weekly homework sheet for assignments to be completed. A class code will be provided to access each major subject.  Please make sure that your child uses the correct class code for their class subjects.

    Please also join REMIND®, which is a communication platform that helps educators reach students and parents where they are.  Remind is a free, safe messaging app that keeps families up to date with what’s happening in the classroom. Teachers can send messages to an entire class, smaller groups, or individuals. These quick, simple messages can help teachers, students and families stay informed about homework assignments, schedule changes, personalized support or feedback and more!

    Homeroom Teachers:

    Mrs. Mollin - mmollin@schools.nyc.gov (Class 401)

    Ms. Spyridakis - Kspyridakis@schools.nyc.gov (Class 401)

    Mrs. Starace (Martinez): Amartinez74@schools.nyc.gov (Class 402)

    Ms. Tague: Stague@schools.nyc.gov  (Class 403)

    Ms. Galvin - jgalvin6@schools.nyc.gov (Class 404)

    Logging into Google Classroom

    In order to log into Google Classroom, you will need to log into Google classroom using your DOE student account. These are the accounts that end at @nycstudents.net. Your student ID is your username followed by @nycstudents.net. Your username should be the first letter of your first name and your last name, for example:

    Thomas Carty = TCarty@nycstudents.net

    You should have your own password for your account. If you do not remember your password, please contact the Parent Coordinator:  aagrinsoni@schools.nyc.gov

    Google Classroom Instructions

    Please log on with your child to review the features of Google Classroom. 

    Any student who doesn't know his/her account information should let their homeroom teacher know as soon as possible. 

    We also encourage students to download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. This enables them to receive notifications when assignments or announcements have been posted, with handouts and worksheets attached.   

    How to Login to Google Classroom to join a class

    1. Go to classroom.google.com

    2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “+” symbol.

    3. Click “Join Class”

    4. Enter the appropriate class code


    Class Codes:


    ELA/Social Studies: pw45lvm
    Math/Science: yrcud42



    Math/Science: kmyhy7x
    Social Studies:                


    ELA/Social Studies: tb5luhx
    Math/Science: zn6ub7p




    Math/Science: u7yyiml

    Social Studies:   


    Logging onto REMIND®:

    Download the Remind app and use the information to join your class.

    401 Class Name: 401

    Class code @: 401wolves


    402 Class Name: 402 Starace (Martinez) and Galvin

    Class code @: c84e43


    403 Class Name: 403 Mollin/Tague

    Class code @: 403wolves


    404 Class Name: 404

    Class code @: 344dfe



    This year the PE dept will be heading outside as often as possible, keeping our students active while keeping socially distant.  We cannot take a class to the park until we have that entire group's slips.  The slips have been posted onto the 49 website.  Please complete the form and bring it in as soon as possible. 

    Thank you!

    4th Grade Team