Welcome to the Kindergarten Website

  • Welcome to our website. 
    This web page has been created to give parents a way to quickly access information regarding our classroom. We will also use this website to post upcoming events as well as important announcements. It is for the convenience of the Kindergarten parents, and your suggestions and comments for improving it are most welcome. Please feel free to send an email or post an appropriate comment on the website. Let's work as a team to raise our students' achievement as high as we possibly can.
    Enjoy our website.
    Class 001 - Room 219:  Mrs. Kufuor: JKufuor@schools.nyc.gov
                                           Mrs. Ferrero: LFerrero@schools.nyc.gov

    Class 002 - Room 119:  Ms. Lackman: TLackman@schools.nyc.gov

    Class 003 - Room 117:  Mrs. Coccovillo: JCoccovillo@schools.nyc.gov

    Class 004 - Room 125:  Mrs. Goldes: RGoldes@schools.nyc.gov
                                           Mrs. Dente: MDente3@schools.nyc.gov
    Class 005 - Room 162:  Mrs. Losinno: DLosinno@schools.nyc.gov
    **This website is a work in progress so please be patient as we continue to develop it.**