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  • New message: Grades will begin to be posted to Pupil Path this week, 3/30-4/3. Please make sure you you have completed all lessons/activities from last week. They were as follows:

    7th grade: Amplify Plate Motion lessons: 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, and the Google Doc: Key Concepts Fill in the blanks 

    6th grade: Amplify Matter and Energy in Ecosystems Unit Test, Weather Patterns lessons: 1.1, 1.2


    Please Note: Starting Monday, 3/23, check Google Classroom stream for daily messages/assignments. You will need to use a combination of Amplify and Google Classroom to complete and submit your science work each day. Follow the Lesson Overviews to know what to do for each lesson. Any physical documents (activity handouts) that you will need to complete an Amplify activity will be found in Google Classroom. This means that you will complete all Amplify activities for a particular lesson in Amplify and if there is a handout, you will need to complete and submit it in Google Classroom.


    Google Classroom: 






    Welcome to my classroom website!

    We are now using Amplify Curriculum to meet the Next Generation Science Standards requirements! This curriculum in middle school requires us work almost completely online. This means that your child will be working online in class and at home. If there is no internet access at home please notify me immediately so that I can prepare paper copies of all homeworks for your child. For all notifications about homework and upcoming tests please download the Remind App and join your childs class by either searching for Mr. Johnson or using one of the following codes:

    602 - 602354

    604 - 604354

    701 - 354701

    703 - 354703

    704 - 354704


    The following are instructions for you and your child to access Amplify:

    1) Google Amplify Science Login and click on the result in the results page

    2) Scroll down to Amplify Science and click the orange Login button

    3) Click the blue, Login with Clever button

    4) Type 24Q049 to access our school then choose the student, teacher login button

    5) Your childs login information is as follows:

              Username: OSIS #


              602 - 602354

              604 - 604354

              701 - 354701

              703 - 354703

              704 - 354704

    6) Choose the appriopriate unit, then chapter, then lesson, and the activity to complete.

    7) The following are the classroom codes to join Google Classroom:






    If ever you need to contact me, my email is
  • To see what homeworks are assigned please use the Remind App (on your phone) or the Calendar App on this website. All review sheets from this piont forth will be posted on the appropriate grade level page. There is no need to look in the My Homework page any longer.

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