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    This year, students will learn about choral and instrumental music, world music, composition, notation and theory, music history and music technology. I hope you are excited as I am to explore the incredible world of music!

    Please click on "My Resources" to view videos of the vocal portion from our 2018 Holiday Concert! 

    Please have a Music folder for all handouts, classwork and various assignments. In addition, please come to class with multiple writing utensils, preferably pencils. 
    During the first half of the school year, students focus on the vocal aspect in music. Students will learn about proper vocal technique and audience etiquette, studying Solfege and sight singing which allows students the ability to read sheet music, singing and analyzing songs from various genres and around the world, music notation, creating and composing music and music theory. 
    During the second half of the school year, students focus on instrumental music. Students will learn about piano/keyboard, guitar, ukulele and percussion, proper instrumental technique, instrument care, learning different chords and their structure, interpreting and reading chord charts/diagrams, playing songs in different styles and genres (pop, rock, jazz) as well as studying various rhythms played in music.
    Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to utilize classroom MacBooks as part of incorporating music technology into their curriculum. Students will create music through programs such as GarageBand and Incredibox as well as explore various educational online activities such as HTML5 Drum Kit and Chrome Music Lab. 
    Beginner Band/Advanced Band:
    If you do not wish to continue band please return any instrument(s) you still have not returned. 
    Beginner Band - Tuesday's, from 7:15AM-8:15AM.
    Advanced Band- Tuesday's/Thursday's from 2:50PM-3:50PM
    Please click on "My Resources" for more information. 
    If you have any questions/concerns please contact me at: APassariello@schools.nyc.gov  
    I am looking forward an exciting and productive 2018-2019 school year!