Music - Mr. Passariello

  • Hello Parents/Guardians!

    I have created Google Classrooms for all 5th, 6th, 7th, 711 and 811 students. Below you will find the approrpiate codes for your child's class. Every week I will upload materials/resources for you to utilize that you can either downlaod or print. In addition, I will be uploading daily activites/questions that you can use throughout your own musical exploration and practice. 

    You MUST be signed into your PS/IS 49 account to access Google Classroom at home. If you have any difficulties with logging in and joining my Google Classroom you can also find everything that I will be posting there on this page as well. To access it, please look at the column on the left and click on MY RESOURCES. There you will find everything for your specific grade.

    The following is the designated day/grade schedule that I will be following for when I am going to post new materials/assignments, check emails as well as address any questions/concerns you may have.

                          Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday

                                5th              6th               7th/8th               6th           7th/8th
    501 - jh7fyl5                   601 - 72dbqgc                   701 - vazu5ly                     711 - wrsed4j
    502 - gx5unnx                602 - hbuufgu                    702 - 6bpxnut                    811 - c7k6zb3
    503 - qusuw6u                603 - 5ngojhf                    703 - 4ln5ufs 
    504 - wscjn2d                 604 - fq3bece                    704 - ylq2qsf


    For students in beginning band, I will be uploading the music and numbers in the book we have been working on as well as additional numbers in the book that we would be learning if we were to meet on Tuesday mornings. In addition, I will be uploading videos that guide you throughout your individual practicing. All can be found under MY RESOURCES here and on Google Classroom.
    For students in advanced band, I will be uploading all the sheet music that we have been practicing as well as various examples to practice that will enhance your playing. I will be uploading videos that will help explain and guide you throughout your individual practicing. All can be found under MY RESOURCES here and on Google Classroom.
    If you have any questions/concerns or would like for you and/or your child to video chat with me through Google Meet to sing/play/practice/ask questions/clarify assignments, please email me at: 
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