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  • ATTENTION: Please go to my Google Classroom page for remote learning.  
    "History does not repeat itself...but it rhymes." 
    -Mark Twain
     "[Education is] important only if they serve to make our children more human.”
    - Holocaust Survivor (anonymous) 






    All homework assignments, accompanying worksheets, test dates, review materials and class notes to which students are entitled are sent directly to their accounts on
    Google Classroom 
    Please log on with your child to review the features, such as text notifications of homework assignments (with worksheets attached) and announcements.
    You will need your child's account number, so I encourage you to sit down with them and log on. Together you can explore the various features of Google Classroom. I also encourage students to download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. This enables them to receive notifications when assignments or announcements have been posted, with handouts and worksheets attached. 
    Please email me at if you wish to be invited as a Google Classroom "Guardian" to receive daily/weekly updates about your child's work in my class. 
     GOOD LUCK!!!
    1) Download the app "Remind" on your smartphone and search my name "Mr. Reddington" CLICK JOIN. 
    2) Text the appropriate class code below to 81010 
    01: @redd-01
    02: @redd-02
    03: @redd-03
    04: @redd-04
    **** Good writing is extremely important.  Below is a PDF file for "The Elements of Style."  Follow those rules and you'll be a better writer.  
    ****If you would like instant notifications for homework, test reminders, general announcements, etc., then please complete the following instructions: 

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