Welcome to Ms. Thompson's 2017-2018 Social Studies! - 8th Grade US History

  • Homework assignments, handouts, test dates, and review materials are sent directly to student accounts on Google Classroom. You can view the Homework stream by clicking on your class homework calendar below.

    I encourage students to download the Google Classroom app on their smartphone or tablet. This enables them to receive notifications when assignments or announcements have been posted, with handouts and worksheets attached. 

    Go to classroom.google.com.  Click on the + symbol at the top left of the page.  Click "Join Class." Also, join Remind for reminders about class eents, tests and important information. Enter the appropriate class code below...

    The online textbook is available at: 
    You will need to enable pop-ups to use the online textbook. 
    Click here for directions on how to enable pop-ups on different Internet browsers.
    Class Pearson Passwords:
    801: mrst801802: mrst802
    803: mrst803804: mrst804
    If you use an iPad, please download the Pearson eText for Schools free app at the Apple store.

    Remind Codes:

    801: 49rtss801802: 49rtss802
    803: 49rtss803804: 49rtss804

    Google Classroom Codes:

    801 Social - 12ce99   Tech - msghsa

    802 Social – n2vnpwv Tech - ad68t6

    803 Social – 48n2hp   Tech - p2ot8au

    804 Social – 4ud60a  Tech - mfmoz3x

    The social studies curriculum for 8th grade is a chronological study of the history of America from Reconstruction (1865) to present day. The complete NYCDOE K-8 Social Studies Scope and Sequence can be found here.

    Summer 2017 8th Grade Social Studies Assignment:
    Click here to see the 2017 Summer Social Studies Assignment for incoming 8th graders. There is also a link at the bottom of this page.

    8th grade social studies students will be using the America:History of our Nation online text from Pearson. 
    You will also be using Castle Learning. 
    Scroll down to download a Castle Learning How-To guide.
    All login information will be distributed in class. 



    Supply List for Incoming 8th Grade 2017-2018

    This is a suggested general class and social studies supply list:

    General Supplies



    Small stapler with refills

    Set of markers or colored pencils

    Looseleaf paper

    Construction paper

    index cards


    1          Pocket folder

    3          3-subject spiral notebook

    1          Glue stick

    1          Scotch tape




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