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  • Welcome!

    Hello All,

         We wanted to start by welcoming you to our grade web site. We created this web site to make it easy for you to get all of the class information throughout the year.

         We hope that you use this website as a valuable tool to reinforce and practice what we are learning in school.  Also, there is a weekly homework sheet posted every Monday just in case your child's HW sheet gets misplaced!  

    If you have any questions or suggestions for our class site please email us.  Here are the emails for each 2nd grade teacher:


    Mrs. Doherty (ELA 201/ 203):


    Mrs. Kufuor (201 ICT):


    Mrs. Gavers- (ELA 202/204):


    Ms. Landano - (ICT204):


    Mrs. Carpanini (Math):


    Mrs. Ferrante (SocialStudies/Science):



    We look forward to getting to know you and working with you to have a great year. Please take a few minutes to expore the site & enjoy!


    The Second Grade Teachers
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