• Hello 704! 

    Here is some of the information for 704’s classes. This information will be helpful in knowing what your child is doing in class for remote learning. If you need to contact their teachers, their email addresses are provided.

    Email: Kconway3@psis49.org or KConway3@schools.nyc.gov



    Mrs. Theoharis

    Ms. Conway

    Email: LTheoharis@schools.nyc.gov/ kconway3@schools.nyc.gov


    Books to buy:

                The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

    Remind Code : @theo704


    Google Classroom Student Code : gfn9ctj


    News ELA class code : 9K2EGS



    Mrs. Atmaca

    Ms. Conway

    Email: satmaca@schools.nyc.gov / kconway3@schools.nyc.gov


    Classroom Website: https://www.49online.org/Domain/50


    Google Classroom Code: hoefavo



    Other Websites:  CastleLearning.com & play.prodigygame.com



    Mr. Johnson

    Ms. Conway

    Email: ejohnson11@schools.nyc.gov / kconway3@schools.nyc.gov


    Remind Code: @354704


    Google Classroom Student Code : z5ji1c



    Other Websites : amplify.com


    Social Studies

    Mr. Reddington

    Ms. Conway

    Email: breddington@schools.nyc.gov / kconway3@schools.nyc.gov


    Remind Code: @redd-704


    Google Classroom Student Code: cvy8xh


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