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Mrs. Vile

Welcome to Spanish! My name is Sra. Vile. I was born in Brooklyn, but my family is from Mexico and Spain. I have a Bachelor's in Spanish Literature from the west coast and a Masters in Spanish Education from Brooklyn College. 

I am so excited to join the school this school year. It has been so amazing and wonderful so far.

I have more than fifteen years of experience with the Department of Education and I have taught Spanish to middle school and high school students. I have experience preparing students for the Spanish SLP and Spanish Regents.

I am passionate about learning languages and traveling. I have taken German, Spanish and French in my schooling. 

In the classroom, we have brand new textbooks and computers to help your child practice and learn Spanish.

September: the topic of study was School and introduction to classroom procedures

October: the topic of study is Family and Home

November: the topic of study will be City, Seasons and clothing

December: Food and Restaurants

January Conjugating verbs into the present tense and preterite

February Focus on Listening and Writing tasks of the SLP review of units of study

March City shops and cooking

The google classrooms are built: 

7th Grade Code rxwjrrc

8th Grade Code  osgty3r 

My email is

As of March 23, 2020-
Classwork and Homework will be updated daily in the Google Classroom and must be completed by students in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to reach out for extra help or questions. Please be safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you need to reset your googleclassroom password please email me and I will notify the administrator.

Sra. Vile (3/17/2020) 

I am thrilled to work with your child this year and I hope we can work together to help prepare them for the proficiency exam.


Sra. Vile