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Mrs. Vile

Welcome to Spanish! My name is Sra. Vile. I was born in Brooklyn, but my family is from Mexico and Spain. I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Literature from the west coast and a Masters in Spanish Education from Brooklyn College. 

I have almost twenty years of experience with the Department of Education and I have taught Spanish to middle school and high school students. I have experience preparing students for the Spanish SLP and Spanish Regents.

I am passionate about learning languages and traveling. I have taken German, Spanish and French in my schooling. 

September: the topic of study was School and introduction to classroom procedures

October: the topic of study is Family and Home; school, subjects and teachers; adjectives

November: Family, Physical Descriptions, regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, adjective; school topics and activities with friends

Review of gustar

December: Food and Restaurants, regular verbs in the present tense

Making a reservation

What they like to eat and drink for each meal

Project: Restaurant- Mi Menu

January Conjugating verbs into the present tense and preterite Topic Traveling

Postcard Project: Caribbean "All about me" my travels with family

Seasons, Weather and Activities/Hobbies

Study of Spanish Caribeean countries (geography, culture and history)

February Focus Health, the market and Holidays

Start of South America, culture, geography and History

March City shops and cooking/Transportation

Recipes and Traditional Dishes from Colombia and Venezuela

Shopping for ingredients at the market

April- - The home: bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen


Idiomatic expressions with "tener"

May - The City, traveling, cultural and historical articles

Speaking tasks for the Spanish proficiency

Writing Project: end of year

Gallery Walk


Verb flip chart

review of Spanish vocabulary (creation of Spanish picture dictionaries)

Speaking, reading and writing exercises

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Homework Help Monday-Friday  2:00-2:45 pm Meeting ID . 861 9838 7060 Passcode 832462 Please check Pupilpath for missing assignments, let me know if you need help.


***As a reminder, students are expected to keep a paper or digital notebook of Spanish.
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Sra. Vile