Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Vile

Welcome to Spanish! My name is Sra. Vile. I am so excited for this year and all the wonderful learning we will accomplish!

I was born in Brooklyn, but my family is from Mexico and Spain. I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Literature from the west coast and a Masters in Spanish Education from Brooklyn College. 

I have almost twenty years of experience with the Department of Education and I have taught Spanish to middle school and high school students. I have experience preparing students for the Spanish SLP and Spanish Regents.

I am passionate about learning languages and traveling. I have taken German, Spanish and French in my schooling. 

AIM: To achieve proficiency in the four language components and skills within the scope and sequence of New York State Checkpoint A and B in relation to the National Standards of Foreign Language (communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.)


Can comprehend short conversations on simple topics in everyday situations. Limited vocabulary range necessitates repetitions and/or circumlocutions for understanding.


Can initiate nand sustain a conversation, but limited vocabulary range.  Can use the more common verb tense forms, but still makes many errors in formation and selection. Can use word order accuratelyin simple sentences, but still makes errors in complex and familiar communicative situations.


Can understand simple narrative and descriptive authentic materials and edited texts within a familiar context.  Has specific comprehension or selected passage in familiar sentence patterns.


Can write simple notes, letters, short reports using elementary vocabulary commonly encountered structures. Can express present, future and past ideas comprehensibly. Major errors still occur when expressing more complex thoughts.

Google Classroom Codes for 2021-2022

801 : emaahaw

802: o2eh5t7

803: co33nte

804: nkznc4e

805: yaq74po 

***As a reminder, students are expected to keep a paper or digital notebook of Spanish. 
Assignments are posted on Pupilpath weekly. Gracias!

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Sra. Vile