Attendance is taken daily at 8:20 am. If your child arrives after that time, they are marked late. When students are late they miss vital instruction time which hampers learning and performance. If your child is absent, please call the school or email the teacher to let them know. If your child is absent for 2 or more days, a doctors note is required.


    School starts at 8:15 am. Attendance is taken at 8:20 am. Children arriving at school after 8:20 am are considered late. Please cooperate by having your child arrive on time. A major factor in determining your child’s success in school is attendance. Work begins promptly after arrival, so lateness means your child misses critical instruction and also disrupts the teacher and other students as work begins.


    After an absence and on the first day back to school, a note signed by a parent, detailing the reason for the absence, MUST be given to the child’s teacher. If an absence is three days or longer, a doctor’s note is required. If your child contracts a serious illness or sustains an injury necessitating a cast, boot, sling, crutches, etc., we must have a doctor’s note. If necessary, we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements to accommodate your child. When your child is able to return to school and/or no longer needs crutches, etc., a doctor’s note including a phrase “can return to school” and detailing and restrictions (e.g. “no gym” or “resume full activity”) should be included.


    Pupil lateness and absence directly affect the quality of class work and homework. Please consider this when planning family vacations.  Your child’s permanent record reflects all absences.


    If you need to pick up your child early due to illness, doctor’s appointment, etc.  a picture I.D. MUST be presented to the Security Agent. Your child will be released only to individuals whose names appear on the blue EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD. This is for your child’s safety. Please complete the front and back of both of the cards attached to this letter. One will be kept in our Main Office and one is for the school nurse. Include the name of relatives/friends who are responsible and dependable. Also provide at least 3 working cell phone numbers and email address' so that you can be reached immediately in the event of an emergency. If a phone number or other contact information changes, please write a note to your child’s teacher requesting that the EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD be updated. Also note that if you need to change dismissal arrangements on a particular day, we must have a written note, in advance, from you.

    Any other attendance questions can be email to Ms. Gina at