Who do I contact for.....

    2017-2018 School Year

    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    In an effort to ensure that concerns regarding your children are appropriately addressed, please use the following protocol when contacting the school:

    1. All concerns specific to a certain class should first be brought to the teacher’s attention. He or she can be contacted via email (please click here for a list of teacher email addresses ) or by leaving a message in the main office. If after discussing your concern with the teacher, you do not feel it has been adequately addressed, please contact the parent coordinator, Giovanna Diaz via email at gdiazossa@schools.nyc.gov or by leaving a message in the main office.
    2. All concerns regarding disciplinary matters or issues your child may have with another student should be brought to Dean Dimario’s attention. She can be reached via email at cdimario@schools.nyc.gov or by leaving a message in the main office.
    3. Inquiries about guidance services or your child’s social-emotional well-being or high school information can be directed to the guidance counselor, Mrs. Viglietta who can be reached via email at lviglietta@schools.nyc.gov or by leaving a message in the main office.
    4. All concerns relating to a child’s IEP should be brought to the appropriate special education teacher.
    5. Transportation, metro card, or lunch form questions can be directed to the school aide supervisor, Ms. Cathy who can be reached via email at cborgia2@schools.nyc.gov
    6. All concerns outside of those described above should be brought to Ms. Tom who will direct you to the appropriate staff member.
    7. General questions about the school can always be directed to the main office. In addition, the school’s website contains a great deal of information regarding school events, policies, etc.



    In the event that an email or phone call to any of the above is not returned within two business days, please email our assistant pricipals Mr. Rampartap at rrampartap@schools.nyc.gov or Ms. Snell at jsnell@schools.nyc.gov.


    As you know, my door is always open to assist you any way possible. I can be reached via email at tcarty@schools.nyc.gov. However, in most cases I will need to contact the appropriate staff member to address your concerns and the steps outlined above will help you to resolve your concerns in the most expedient manner.


    If you require a translator, please let us know and we will accommodate you. Ms. Collazo, our parent coordinator speaks Spanish. In addition, we have staff members who speak Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish. If you require a language that is not listed above, please let us know and we will assist you in securing a translator.




    Tom Carty