Math Online Websites and Video Tutorials

  • Videos Tutorials for Percent Applications
    (percents in real life)
    (percent change)
    (what are percents)
    Videos Tutorials for Ratios and Proportional Relationship
    Intro to ratios-
    Using ratio tables to solve ratio problems
    Introduction to proportions
    Solving proportions using cross products
    finding better buy
    identifying and recognizing proportional relationships
    use the following codes to watch videos:
    Videos Tutorials for The Number System

    Use the Video Codes on learnzillion:
    7VW4ZZ3     adding integers
    CK4V3B5      adding with zero pairs
    K5ZY7UP       subtracting integers
    C4DD73D      adding integers on a number line
    4QC37GM    adding two positive or two negative integers on a number line
    UP28TJ5       adding rational numbers using a number line
    Watch these videos also!
    (adding and subtracting integers using algebra chips)
     (Subtracting Integers)
    Other Resources
    Use any of these websites to play math games or refresh your memory on anything you need!