Mrs. Atmaca & Ms. Bogdan's Math Classes

    Welcome Students and Parents of Classes 701, 702, 703 & 704!!! 
    Teachers: Mrs. Atmaca & Mrs. Bogdan
    Contact information:
    Welcome to another exciting school year! We hope to make this year as memorable and enjoyable while we explore 7th grade mathematics. 
    Grading Policy:
    Tests/Quizzes: 60%
    Projects 10%
    Homework 10%
    *Absent homework is due the next day
    *Late homework is accepted until the end of the week for half credit
    Classwork/Participation/Math Lab 15%
    Notebook 5%
    *There will be at least one math lab, one project, at least one quiz, and one test during each unit.
    The major units in 7th grade are:


    • Number System- Integers and Rational Numbers
    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships- Extension on our understanding of proportional reasoning
    • Scale Drawings and Similar Figures
    • Percent Applications
    • Expressions and Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Areas and Perimeters of Two-Dimensional Figures
    • Statistics/ Probability
    • Angle/Triangle Geometry
    • Three-Dimensional Geometry

    Go Math: 

    Students and parents have access to our textbook online as well
    username: osis number followed by nyc
    password: osis number

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