Class Guidelines

  • Dear Students and Guardians,

    I’m looking forward to 8th grade social studies and to our year together where you will have many opportunities for learning, growth, and achievement. The topics we will cover this year are:


    1. Reconstruction and Civil Rights: 1865 - 1896/1954 - present

    2. Progressive Era: 1869 - 1915 (includes Industrialization and Immigration)

    3. US as an Expansionist Nation: 1853 - 1919 (includes WWI and Westward Expansion)                     

    4. Prosperity and Depression: 1920 - 1939

    5. US and Global Conflict: 1929 - 1945 (WWII)

    6. Post War America: 1946 - 1976 (includes Cold War and Vietnam)

    7. Modern America: 1948 - Present (includes Middle East Conflict)


    I will be monitoring your progress using the grading policy below:


    % of Final Grade

    Level Equivalents



    4 = 93% and above



    3 = 75% - 92%



    2 = 65% - 74%



    1 = 64% and below


    Tests/Quizzes/Projects:  There will be a number of formal and informal tests, quizzes and projects. Please make every effort not to be absent for presentations and tests unless absolutely necessary. It will be required to have all tests signed and returned regardless of the grade. Projects will be a regular part of class. Assignments and rubrics will be distributed in class and posted on my website. One of the goals of learning Social Studies is to become well-informed, well-rounded and participatory citizens. One way to become an active citizen is to be aware of current events and to develop well-reasoned opinions on those events. Therefore, we will be working on current events both as homework and classwork.


    Participation/Classwork:  Regular, routine participation is required. Disruption of class learning indicates non-participation and credit will be lost. When you enter class take your seat, take out your notebook, copy the Aim and begin the work posted on the board. Food, gum/candy and glass bottles are NOT allowed in class. Please do not leave your seat without permission. It is very distracting for others and myself if you get up to get supplies or throw something out while I am actively teaching. You may use the bathroom pass when the pass is at the front of the room only after your HW is written down, the Do Now is completed, work is collected and attendance is taken. You should also have your notebook, folder and a pen/pencil with you for every class. Keep your notebooks and folders organized chronologically. Name, Date, Aim, Do Now and class assignments should be written daily.  We will have occasional unannounced notebook checks.


    Homework: Assignments will be posted on the board. While HW will typically be on my website, you are expected to copy the assignment in class. Homework will be given regularly and may be collected. All homework missed as a result of class absence must be made up in a timely manner. A pattern of missed homework will result in contact home. In addition to regular HW you are also expected to remain up to date on current events on a weekly basis throughout the year.


    Please let me know what I can do to help you succeed. If you have questions you can contact me at the school at 718-326-2111 or e-mail me at: Please reach out to me at any time. I am also available by appointment and on Tuesdays from 7:35 – 8:12. My website URL is: /webpages/RThompson

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