Summer 2017 Incoming 8th Gr SS Assignment

  • Dear 8th grade student,


    Welcome to your 8th grade Social Studies Summer Assignment! Work in the summer?! I know, I know.  But know this: being a good reader is one of the most important keys to a successful life.  Therefore, you are required to choose ONE book to read from the attached list and complete the assignment outlined below.  This assignment is due when you return to school in September.  Good luck! –Mr. Reddington and Mrs. Thompson.

    1)  Read ONE book from the selection at bottom of this page. 

    2)   Compose a one-page “letter to the author” answering the question “How did this book make you think differently?”  You may include any of the following:

    -          Characters you connected with

    -          A question for the author

    -          A memorable scene

    -          Inspiring or disappointing moments- did you wish something ended differently?

    -          Main themes throughout the novel – you could focus on:  “love and friendship,” “struggle,”  “family,” “independence,” or choose your own.

    3)     Your response should follow the format of a letter.  Please see formatting template below.

    4)     Your response MUST be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. 

          Be prepared to speak about your book using details and examples in classJ

    Letter Template: (complete on a separate sheet of paper)


    Dear (insert author’s name),

                This book made me think differently about (complete this sentence and write your full response).


    (insert your name)

    Girl in Blue

    By Ann Rinaldi

    Hazardous Tale: Big Bad Ironclad!

    By Nathan Hale

    Across Five Aprils

    By Irene Hunt

    Bull Run

    By Paul Fleischman


    By Walter Dean Myers