Week of Feb 4-8

  • Throughout this week in studying Ancient China, students learned about where the emperor received his power. They learned that this was through the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven was a order/command. The emperor was given the right to rule by God. 

     The students also discovered how the dynastic circle of Ancient China worked. The components that needed to be included in the dynastic circle are :
      a) New Dynasty- prosperity
      b) Old Dynasty- unhappiness
      c) Disasters- natural disasters/revolts

      After learning where the emperor of Ancient China received his power we decided to create our own Mandates of Heaven. First the students has to create a dynastic circle in which had to include a new dynasty, an old dynasty and a disaster. Next the students were required to make a play that would represent how their emperors recieved their Mandates of Heaven. The students did an outstanding job with this. The creativity that we saw from them really impressed us!!! Topics ranged from famous sports champs to wild jungle leaders, to top-notch actors and so. 
      We decided that it would be nice to video the students as they acted out their play to see what a great job they did. Please take some time and watch the great effort each and every child put into their play! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!! 

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