Week of Nov 13-16

  • Dear Parents,

                We are on our way with the students in creating a successful Animoto video. To do so, we will be needing your help at home.  Students have established their roles in class to whether they are in charge of the slogan. Origins, beliefs, traditions, connections, credits).

    Students need to:

    a) Research the religion they are assigned to

    b) Collect vital/important information and facts

    c) Collect pictures

    Due to the limited time in the classroom we ask the students to continue working on their projects at home. Their Animoto project will be their test grade for Unit 2: Monotheistic Religions, so we are taking this very seriously.

    Directions for the project have been reviewed in class and are on the Animoto Guidelines Handout. If there is any further confusion I have also included some vital information you may want to know on the Directions Handout (attached).

    Students will be presenting their Animoto’s on November 27, 2012. We look forward to seeing the results and progressions of the students Animoto Videos..  If there is any confusion whatsoever please email us, either Ms. Dimos or Ms. Massaria.


    I have read  and understand what needs to be completed for Animoto Project:



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