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    NYC K-5 Scope & Sequence: Click link below to view. Scroll down to 3rd grade.

    Grade 3 Unit 1 Matter:

    Unit Overview:

    Students should describe, categorize, compare, and measure observable physical properties of matter and objects . Things can be done to materials to change their properties, but not all materials respond in the same way to what is done to them . Younger students emphasize physical properties while older students will recognize chemical changes . Appropriate tools are a necessary component to describe some physical properties of objects .

    Essential Question:

    How can we accurately describe the physical properties of matter? 

    Properties of Matter: Textbook pages 15-25
    What is matter?
    What are some properties of matter?
    What is all matter made of?
    Review & quiz (Textbook pg. 25)

    Measuring Matter: Textbook Pages 28-37
    How is matter measured?
    Measuring length & volume using the Metric system
    How do we measure mass?
    How are mass and weight different?
    review &  quiz (Textbook pg. 35)

    Forms/ States of Matter: Textbook pages 38- 51
    What are the forms of matter?
    What are liquids and gases?
    How do you use all the states of matter?
    Review and quiz (textbook page 48-51)

    Unit Test: Properties of Matter, Measuring Matter and Forms/ States of Matter
    Textbook pages 15-51

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