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    Posted by Magali Ortiz on 3/18/2020


    This page is available for all middle school students in grades 6-8, and classes 111 & 411. 
    Over the next few weeks,  I will post general updates here, such as interesting links, art-related news, and photos. This month, I mounted student work to be displayed on Open School Night. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to exhibit the art, BUT I took photos and will upload the pictures to this page. 
    All of my remote learning curriculum, will be on google classroom: mortiz42@psis49.org.  Weekly lessons for each grade will be posted on Monday mornings and should be completed within that week.  If you have any questions or would like some clarification, please feel free to reach out to me. If you send me an e-mail and I do not respond, my alternate email is my school email address mortiz42@schools.nyc.gov. My apologies if there are any  technical errors, and please feel free to let me know if a link is not working, if pictures are not visible, etc, and I will try to take care of it ASAP. This is a new method of teaching for me and I'm just getting adjusted to it. 
    Here are the codes to access my google classroom by class:
    711/811 k3zhcuf

    801  4z75fed

    802  4n5er7i

    803  b3r7lbh

    804  mps3hy7

    701  v6n4ymv

    702  uu2fkpo

    703  5sbxulh

    704  It2vzgi

    601  vm6maik

    602  dqzbjz4

    603  re57hoz

    604  oiszbcp

    605  gui7mau

    411  uccxp3v

    111  kfhhorr. 

    8th Grade
    Last week, students in the 8th grade started painting the background for their spring painting on canvas using acrylic paint. I am looking forward to continuing these paintings when we return, so I have uploaded their images to their class page. Unfortunately, they've only had 1 period to work on their spring paintings, so for their 1st assignment they will be reflecting on their 1st step and planning for the next. 
    7th Grade
    Last week, Grade 7 started a 2-D design unit on Op Art, so their 1st online assignment will be an extension of that. 
    6th Grade 
    Grade 6 had just completed a 2-Design unit on Zentangles using just black and white. They were excited to view their class Zentangle coloring books, which was a collection of each student's design. Although I assembled the book, they did not get a chance to see it. I will be uploading a video or slideshow so they can view the finished product. 
    These classes follow the same curriculum.
    Please log into their Google Classroom pages.
    All Grades
    In addition to the weekly assignments, I will create a Free Art page for any students who wish to share art they make while at home. I know many students keep sketches and draw regularly, so I feel this would be a nice way for them to socialize with their friends online. They can view and comment to keep open communication with their classmates. This is not a mandatory assignment, just an extra curricular activity. They can upload sketches, paintings, sculptures, designs, etc. Also, during these weeks, if your family creates art together please feel free to share it with us on this page. I would love to see your masterpieces! 
    As far as art medium, students can use any material they have available to them, including digital art on tablets. Aside from my assignments, please encourage students to explore different ways of creating art. Art is therapeutic and it is a way for children to express their emotions. If you notice them bored, provide them with paper and color, then suggest they spontaneously draw. Stay safe and be creative. I'm looking forward to see you all soon! 
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