Welcome to Elementary School Art! 

    This page is available for all elementary school students in grades K-5.
    All of my remote learning curriculum will be on google classroom: sbricker2@psis49.org.  Weekly lessons for each grade will be posted on Monday mornings, as well as links to various activites and institutions to check out.  
    The best way to reach me via email is still at my school email address sbricker2@schools.nyc.gov.
    Google Classroom is interactive and hopefully easy enough for everyone to manage. You can sign up for google classroom using any email address, but it is best to use a Gmail account for the most compatible access. Students in grades 4 and 5 have google classroom accounts and logins already that can be used for my google classroom site.
    Parents/students in grades K-3 can use an existing email account, however, you may want to create a new Gmail account that clearly indicates your child's name and class. Whether you create a new/specific account or not, it is very helpful to have your child's last name in the email address. That way as we post-work, I can comment and keep track! Creating a new Gmail account is easy and free.
    Please be patient as we navigate this new system together. As always, my committment is to provide you with the best art curriculum possible! I look forward to seeing what you make, look at and think about in the coming weeks.
    Here are the codes to access my google classroom by class:
    001 tktkjs3
    002 uxvibjs
    003 4ogeeo6
    004 f4udpjh
    005 b2hrywd    
    101 cnwam4v
    102 fnpu2il 
    103 gd6t74t
    104 feg752i
    201 vjw5l5y
    202 x652k24
    203 gqudg7p
    204 nlfxpgk
    301 22ecl6p
    302 siilaas
    303 qpj5us4
    304 mwcdaxr
    401 j22jq7v
    402 fxoebuc
    403 nkd72ts
    404 qhqh57p
    501 vowavqf
    502 kv4m5ri
    503 wnatqyq
    504 o6yavuk
    As I mentioned in an email sent out to parents on 3/18, the best thing you can do with your children right now in terms of art is to give them materials and let them create freely! I am thinking of each and every one of you.