• Concepts, Content, Understanding & Skills:

    • Create maps to present particular geographic information about Egypt.

    • Learn how natural products such as papyrus helped to produce important technological developments.

    • Investigate the traditional culture of Egypt.

    • Compare and contrast hieroglyphics with modern written English.

    • Analyze images to understand the culture, housing, clothing, and

      food of Egypt.

    • Gather evidence to write opinion paragraphs about Egypt.

    •  Understand how a national symbol represents continuity and change over time.

    • Examine artifacts from ancient Egypt to explore the influence of traditional culture in a world community.

    • Explore the chronological relationship of several events from Egypt’s history.

    •  Explore ways that Egypt meets its needs and wants.

    • Create travel brochures to encourage people to visit Egypt.






    brochure    papyrus       revolution      production        tourist       destination         Rosetta Stone         hieroglyphics         monarch         falafel        export     import

    neighboring       cartouche       typical     vizier         archaeologist       analysis        Before Common Era       constitution         agricultural       medium       Common Era

    artifact          kingdom          pharaoh

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