Units of Study

  • UNIT 1
    •  Agency and Independence/Building a Reading Life: Launching Reading with Experienced Readers

    UNIT 1a
    • Mini Post-it Unit: Getting accustomed to taking notes while reading 

    UNIT 1b
    • Mini NEWS ELA Unit: Using technology resources to read leveled non-fiction

    UNIT 2
    • Following Characters into Meaning: Synthesize, Infer, and Interpret

    UNIT 2a
    • Mini Fluency Unit: Reading with expression to enhance comprehension 

    UNIT 3
    • Nonfiction Reading: Using Text Structures to Comprehend Expository, Narrative, and Hybrid Nonfiction

    UNIT 4
    • Test Preparation

    UNIT 5

    • Nonfiction Research Projects/Argumentative: Teaching Students to Navigate Complex Nonfiction Text Sets with Critical Analytical Lenses

    UNIT 6
    • Poetry

    UNIT 7
    • Historical Fiction