• We have started our How To unit. In this unit we will learn: 

    What kind of topics do we find in How To’s? 
    Good readers think about what they already know about a topic before reading a How To book.
    Good readers notice the importance of directions. 
    Good readers notice how directions are in a sequence and use special words. 
    Good readers notice the importance of materials- Handout
    Good readers notice captions to help them learn more about the topic.
    Good readers notice how bold words are found in the glossary.
    Good readers notice the text features of a How To
    Good readers notice the author's purpose in a How To book. 
    Good readers stop and jot what they learned about a How To book.
    Good readers teach a partner about a topic they learned about.  
    First Grade Reading Goals
    In order to be considered "on grade level" and recieve a 3 on the report card, your child will need to meet the following benchmarks:
    December: Level F/G
    March: Level H/I/J
    June: Level I/J/K 
    A - Red
    B - Red +
    C - Orange
    D - Yellow
    E - Yellow +
    F - Green
    G - Green +
    H - Blue
    I - Blue +
    J - Purple 
    K - Double Red
    L - Double Red +
    M - Double Orange 
     Suggested Summer Reading for 1st Graders moving to 2nd Grade:
    Level J (purple)
    Level K (double red)
    Level L (double red plus)
    Level M (double orange)