• In first grade, students will explore:

     Unit 1: Small Moment Stories

    Unit 2: ‘How To’ Writing

    Unit 3: Authors As Mentors

    Unit 4: NonFiction Writing

    Unit 5: Poetry

    Unit 6: Writing Reviews 

    We have started our How To unit! In this unit we learn....

    Good writers follow a How To to make a Halloween Mask! 

    Good writers create a How To writing piece together as a class. - based on making the mask.

    Good writers create an Expert List. 

    Good writers use steps when writing a How To *focus on steps/directions, sequence words 

    Good writers use describing words when writing a How To

    Good writers use pictures and labels when creating a How To.

    Good writers add an introduction to their How To book to persuade a reader to do something new (haven't you always wanted to…?) 

    Good writers add a materials list to their How To book. 

    Good writers pick a star piece and revise it using a checklist (sequence words & descriptive words)

    Good writers edit their pieces by checking for capitalization and punctuation

    Good writers publish by adding a cover page.

    Good writers publish by copying their book onto new paper.

    Good writers publish by copying their pictures and labels. 

    Good writers select a piece for their portfolio.


    To download a copy of the writing paper we will be using, please click below: 

    Poetry Paper

    NonFiction Writing Paper

    Realistic Fiction & Authors as Mentors Paper This is a 1 page document. Please print 3 pages to create a chapter for the realistic fiction book. Our books will have 3 chapters (9 pages total)

    How To Writing Paper

    For ideas about journal writing with your child, download the November Writing Calendar