ENL Writing Workshop Grades K-1

  • Dear parents and students,

    We’ll start this school year with  a new writing unit Writing Books with a Pattern”.

    In this unit we will learn to write a book (consisting of 3 or more pages) with a pattern.

    Before writing our own books we are going to read a lot of different emergent readers’ books with patterned texts to draw students’ attention to the patterns that exist in books.

    Then we’ll start writing our own books by completing a sentence starter on each page. For example: I write, “I see” on each page, and the student completes the sentence starter with “a cat” on one page, “a mat,” on another, and “a fly” on another, or I like to” on each page, and the student completes the sentence starter with “play with my friend” on the first page, “go to the park,” on the second page, and “read a book” on the third one.

    Later on, the students will learn to independently generate a sentence starter, write it on each page, and finish the sentence to create a book of 3 or more unique pages. For example: given a blank book, the student writes, “I have” on each page, and complete the sentence starter with “a dog,” on the first page, “cat,” on the second page, and “fish” on the last one.

    We will learn to:

    - draw pictures to match the words on each page;

    - label their pictures using students' emerging phonics knowledge to “listen for the sounds” in words and write what they know;

    - include details in the drawings such as draw body parts, draw clouds, sun, trees in the background, show how people or animals move;

     - leave spaces between words;

    - put periods (or other ending punctuation) at the end of each sentence;

    - begin each sentence with a capital letter;

     - capitalize the word “I”;

    - use sight words and letter sounds while writing;

    - read our own writing to an adult or a classmate.

    I hope that by the end of this unit the students will become more independent, gain confidence in their writing abilities and enjoy the writing process.