ENL Writing Workshop, Grades 2-3



    In this unit the second and third grade ENL students will act as researchers! First, we will choose animals for our research and we will begin collecting information. We will take a few days to research our animals, using the animal research graphic organizer as our guide. After the research process is over, we will begin to draft each chapter of our non-fiction books. We will learn how to craft an introduction that would appeal to the reader. Then we will learn how to draft the main chapters of our books. We will complete our drafting process by adding non-fiction text features, such as real pictures, captions, a glossary, a table of contents, and a diagram. As we continue our journey through the writing process, we will learn how to revise our work. Last, we will edit our books using our acronym C.O.P.S. (Capitalization, Order of words, Punctuation and Spelling).


    Common Core Standards Addressed:

    RI.3.1, W.3.4, W.3.5, W.3.7, W.3.8, W.3.10, SL.3.1a-d, SL.3.2, L.3.1, L.3.6