Grade-Level Writing

  • YAY! Your child is progressing in their writing! Your child is now writing 3 page stories, can write his/her first name without any help and is using beginning sounds to write some words on each page. Now we can progress to the next level. 

    At this stage we will be introducing the idea of putting spaces between letters and words and writing on a line. The children are now encouraged to use invented spelling when they are writing. This does not mean that they make up words and write them, but rather that they listen for beginning, ending and sometimes middle sounds of words and write what they hear. To an adult their spelling will look funny as we are used to seeing words spelled correctly, however, this is helping them to get ready for writing words correctly. Children may write "KT for cat or "PRK" for park. We have also started to introduce word wall words. At this stage of writing children are expected to spell any and all word wall words correctly. Children should also be able to write both their First and Last names independently. 

    If your child is writing on this level these are the skills that they should be working on:

    1. Print awareness:
      • Use left-to-right and top-to-bottom direction.
      • Use spacing between letters and words when writing on a line.
    2. Spelling:
      • Use developing knowledge of letter-sound correspondences to spell independently (e.g., sound, invented spelling, beginning & ending sounds).
      • Use conventional spelling to spell some common or familiar words.
      • Write correctly own first and last names and the names of some friends or family.
    3. Handwriting: 
      • Write legibly some uppercase and lowercase letters.
    4. Composition:
      • Label drawings with letters or words.
      • Plan and write a sentence to match the pictures.
      • Adds important details to pictures (setting, actions, character feelings.)
    5. Motivation to write:
      • Writes daily and completes work.
      • Shares writing with others.