Unit 1: We Are Readers Exploring the Exciting World of Books

  • Lesson 1: Readers Go On Book Adventures
    Lesson 2: Readers Look At The Cover
    Lesson 3: Readers Handle Books
    Lesson 4: Readers Read On Alert To Discover Patterns
    Lesson 5: Readers Go On Pretending Adventures
    Lesson 6: Readers Go On Different Adventures Depending On The Kind Of Book
    Lesson 7: Partners Work Together
    Lesson 8: Readers Study The Pictures Closely
    Lesson 9: Readers Connect One Page To The Next
    Lesson 10: Readers Look For Known Words
    Lesson 11: Readers Look For Repetition
    Lesson 12: Readers Point Under The Words
    Lesson 13: Partners Work Together
    Lesson 14: Readers Follow Routines
    Lesson 15: Readers Notice How The Pages Connect
    Lesson 16: Readers Reread Or Take A Peek Ahead
    Lesson 17: Readers Have Intentions: Tell Story Across Pages
    Lesson 18: Readers Have Intentions: Use Words And Illustrations As Anchors
    Lesson 19: Readers Have Intentions: Focus On A Character And Act Out
    Lesson 20: Readers Have Intentions: Study Other Characters
    Lesson 21: Reflection/Celebration