Beginning Writing

  • Welcome to the beginning of your child's writing career! At this stage of writing we are focusing on important writing skills. We will begin the year by introducing the idea of writing a true story. It is much easier for a young child to write about something that has happened to them then trying to invent a story. As we continue to explore the concept of writing the children are encouraged to draw a picture to match what their story is about. 

    Once the children understand how to match their pictures to what their story is they are ready to begin using story booklets, or 3 page story paper. Here we focus on taking one small moment (going to the park) and stretching it across 3 pages. An example of a good small moment story would be as follows:

    1. I was at the park and climbed up the stairs on the slide.
    2. I sat down on the top of the slide and got ready to slide down.
    3. I slid down the slide and said, "Weeee! This is fun!!"

    While we are working on stretching stories across 3 pages the children are introduced to using tools in the classroom to help them write. Each child has an Alphabet strip on their table. This slip has each letter and the keyword (picture) that goes with it. The children are encouraged to listen for the beginning sounds of their words and asked to write what they hear. Your children should also know how to write their first name independently!

    Below is a list of skills that your children should be working on:

    1. Spelling:
      • Use beginning sound to spell independently.
      • Write correctly own first name.
    2. Handwriting:
      • Write some uppercase and lowercase manuscript letters, especially those in own name.
    3. Composition: 
      • Label drawings with letters or words.
      • "Write" by using drawing, letters, and some words.
      • Tell a story (oral story telling).
      • Pictures match oral story when writing.
    4. Motivation to write:
      • Share your writing with others.
      • Writes daily.
      • Completes work.