Shared Reading Songs and Poems

  • Welcome to our Shared Reading Page! Here you will find the lyrics to the songs and poems that we do each week in class.  

    Your child’s shared reading enrichment homework will be the poems and songs that we’ve been working on together in school. Over the week, please encourage your child to “read” several of the shared readings (new and old). As the week progresses your child will become more familiar with the songs and poems. 

    Many of the children will be reading the shared readings from memory. As the year progresses, you will notice that they begin to attend more to the words. 

    Some ways you can help your child are by:

    -       Joining in with them while they read

    -       Asking them to find words that begin with certain letters (ex.  Find a word that starts with “M”)

    -       Asking them to look for words they know

    -       Having them retell the song or poem

    -       Having them point under the words as they read

    -       Having them draw a picture of what the song or poem makes them think about or see in their mind (envisioning)


    If your child becomes frustrated with any of the above suggestions it probably means they’re not ready to perform that task yet. You can try it again when they seem more ready.