Unit 7: Persuasive Writing

  • Writing Unit Seven – Persuasive Writing of All Kinds: Using Words to Make a Change


    Essential Question:

    How can I use my words and all kinds of writing to make changes for the better?


    Bend One— Exploring Opinion Writing: Making Our School a Better Place

    How can I use writing to make the school a better place?

    Lesson 1: How can I make things happen with my words?

    Lesson 2: How can I convince people by providing reasons and consequences?

    Lesson 3: How can I generate more writing for more causes?

    Lesson 4: How can I reread and fix up my writing?

    Lesson 5: How can I use spelling strategies to give me word power?

    Lesson 6: How can I use writing to spread the word?


    Bend Two— Sending Our Words Out into the World: Writing Letters to Make a Change

    How can I write letters to make changes in my community for the better?


    Lesson 7: How can I write letters that reach readers?

    Lesson 8: How can I study a mentor text?

    Lesson 9: How can I know just what to say by angling letters to different audiences?

    Lesson 10: How can I make it better by imagining solutions?

    Lesson 11: How can I fix up letters before mailing them?



    Bend Three— Persuasive Writing Projects

    How can I use everything I know about writing to make changes in the world for the better?


    Lesson 12: How can I draw on strategies to write about a world problem?

    Lesson 13: How can I sound like an expert by teaching information to persuade my audience?

    Lesson 14: How can I add detailed information to my persuasive writing?

    Lesson 15: How can I write how-to books to make a change?

    Lesson 16: How can I edit for punctuation?

    Lesson 17: How can I plan and rehearse my speech?

    Lesson 18: How can I fix and fancy up my writing using the super checklist?

    Lesson 19: How can I celebrate my writing?