Unit 6: Authors As Mentors

  • Writing Unit Six – Authors As Mentors

    Essential Question:

    How can I use all that I know about writing stories to make my stories into the longest and the most beautiful stories in the world?


    Bend One— Using What We Know As Readers to Write Well! Reading and Writing Connections

    How can I use all that I know about writing stories and planning my work across pages to help me write longer stories?

    Lesson 1: How can I get started writing small moment stories?

    Lesson 2: How can I write like a first grader?

    Lesson 3: How can we think about how authors get ideas for their stories?

    Lesson 4: How can I zoom in on a small moment?

    Lesson 5: How can I reread and stretch out the most important moment of my story?


    Bend Two— Reading Like a Writer: Using Mentor Texts

    How can I study what a favorite author does in his or her writing and then do those same things in my writing?


    Lesson 6: How can I add thoughts and feelings to my story?

    Lesson 7: How can I add sound words (onomatopoeia) to my story?

    Lesson 8: How can I add speech bubbles to show dialogue in my story?

    Lesson 9: How can I add quotation marks to show dialogue in my story?

    Lesson 10: How can I add print for emphasis to my story?

    Lesson 11: How can I use end punctuation in my story?

    Lesson 12: How can I add the actions that characters do to my story?

    Lesson 13: How can I end my story with a big feeling or what I’m thinking?

    Lesson 14: How can I begin my story with a description?

    Lesson 15: How can partners reread and revise their stories using a revision checklist?


    Bend Three— One Final Grand Revision to Prepare for a Publishing Party

    How do I get my writing ready for the final publishing party?


    Lesson 16: How can I revise by rereading and asking, “Does it make sense?”

    Lesson 17: How can I revise by adding details to my story?

    Lesson 18: How can I edit my story?

    Lesson 19: How can I reread my story with a partner?

    Lesson 20: How can I fancy up my story and add a cover and title?

    Lesson 21: How can I share my writing with others?