Unit 5: Informational Books

  • Writing Unit Five – Informational Books


    Essential Question:

    How can I teach others about things by writing information books—lots of them?


    Bend One— Writing All-About Books on Topics We Love

    How do I make all my information books have lots of pages and make sure all the pages go with the topic?

    Lesson 1: How can I get started by thinking about topics I know all about?

    Lesson 2: How can I go back and revise my book rather than starting a new one?

    Lesson 3: How can we study how all-about books work and how they are organized?

    Lesson 4: How can I sort information into piles that go together?

    Lesson 5: How can I make sure all the information is grouped together in an organized way?

    Lesson 6: How can I try on topics before I start to write a book?


    Bend Two— Revise by Elaborating—and Then Begin Writing Longer Books, Right from the Start

    How can I write and revise all my books so they get to be longer and more full of information?

    Lesson 7: How can I revise my book by adding more to each page?

    Lesson 8: How can I revise my book by asking and answering questions?

    Lesson 9: How can I look to informational books for ideas of things to add?


    Bend Three— Revising to Add Text Features—Then Writing More Developed Books from the Start

    How can I add text features that help my reader?

    Lesson 10: How can I study mentor text to get ideas about which text features to include?

    Lesson 11: How can I choose the text feature to include in my informational book?

    Lesson 12: How can I add my own voice to my informational book?

    Lesson 13: How can I add detail to my book by using comparisons in my writing?


    Bend Three— One Final Grand Revision to Prepare for a Publishing Party

    How do I get my writing ready for the final publishing party?


    Lesson 14: How can I choose my best piece to revise and add more?

    Lesson 15: How can I revise by rereading and asking, “Does it make sense and sound right?”

    Lesson 16: How can I revise by rereading to see if my book is easy to read?

    Lesson 17: How can I get ready to publish by fancying up my writing?

    Lesson 18: How can I share my writing with others?