Unit 4: How-To Books

  • Writing Unit Four – How-To Books: Writing to Teach Others

    Essential Question:

    How can I use writing to teach others how to do something?


    Bend One— Getting Started: Thinking of Topics, Rehearsing, and Writing Tons of Books

    How can I write lots of how-to books, step-by-step?

    Lesson 1: What does “How-To” writing look like?

    Lesson 2: How can we get started writing by thinking of things we know how to do?

    Lesson 3: How can we reenact our how-to’s to help remember each step?

    Lesson 4: How can I use a special voice to describe exactly what I’m doing?

    Lesson 5: How can I add detailed information to my picture?

    Lesson 6: How can I add a list of things I need?


    Bend Two— Writing So That Readers Can Read Our Writing

    How can I use everything I know to make my writing easy to read?

    Lesson 7: How can I use tools in the classroom to help me spell words?

    Lesson 8: How can I stretch words and record letters for every sound?

    Lesson 9: How can I leave spaces between words?

    Lesson 10: How can I reread to add even more to my writing?


    Bend Three— Revising Old How-To Books and Writing New How-To Books: Using Mentor Texts to Inspire Elaboration and Lift the Level of All of Your Writers’ Work

    How can I study mentor texts and try out techniques I notice?

    Lesson 11: How can I study mentor texts and revise my writing?

    Lesson 12: How can I include cautions, tips, and warnings for my reader?

    Lesson 13: How can I include an introduction?


    Bend Three— Preparing for Publication

    How can I get ready to share my work with an audience?


    Lesson 14: How can I choose my best piece to revise?

    Lesson 15: How can I edit my words and sentences?

    Lesson 16: How can I create a cover and fancy up my book?

    Lesson 17: How can I share my writing with the class?