Unit 3: Writing True Stories

  • Lesson 1: Making writing easy to read
    Lesson 2: Steps for writing true stories
    Lesson 3: Writers include the setting and objects and actions
    Lesson 4: Writers include their response or feeling
    Lesson 5: Writers write sentences using capitals and punctuation
    Lesson 6: Writers reread their writing
    Lesson 7: Writers use the anchor charts
    Lesson 8: Every word needs a vowel
    Lesson 9: Using the word wall
    Lesson 10: Writing with your own voice
    Lesson 11: Writers search the pictures to plan, talk, and remember stories
    Lesson 12: Writers ask, How do I know that I'm done?
    Lesson 13: Writers add dialog
    Lesson 14: Writers begin with a place and a time
    Lesson 15: Writers choose one piece and add details