Unit 2: Looking Closely - Observing, Labeling, and Listening like Scientist

  • Lesson 1: Stay focused on one subject
    Lesson 2: Writers look to books for more information
    Lesson 3: Writers use scientific words
    Lesson 4: Writers make representational drawings with details
    Lesson 5: Writing label books
    Lesson 6: Writing a sentence
    Lesson 7: Using prompts when stuck
    Lesson 8: Writers ask partners for help
    Lesson 9: Writing pattern books
    Lesson 10: Writing a book with questions
    Lesson 11: Writing a book with questions and answers
    Lesson 12: Writers leave spaces between words
    Lesson 13: Writers use word wall words
    Lesson 14: Writers add what they see
    Lesson 15: Writers add what they think
    Lesson 16: Writers chose their best piece to revise and edit
    Lesson 17: Writers celebrate