Unit 1: Launching the Writing Workshop

  • Lesson 1: Launch - We Are Authors
    Lesson 2: Getting Started - Structure and Routines
    Lesson 3: Writing Letters and Sounds
    Lesson 4: Labeling Objects
    Lesson 5: When You're Done, You've Just Begun
    Lesson 6: Think, Picture, Draw, and Write
    Lesson 7: Drawing Representational Pictures
    Lesson 8: Using Pictures and Words
    Lesson 9: Adding Another Page
    Lesson 10: Writers Make Plans - Tell Ideas Across Pages
    Lesson 11: Writers Work with Partners
    Lesson 12: Is It Done?
    Lesson 13: Labeling and Sounds Out Words
    Lesson 14: Writers Revise/Fancy Up
    Lesson 15: Writing Something You've Done
    Lesson 16: Using Pictures and Words
    Lesson 17: Check to Add More
    Lesson 18: Writers Work with a Partner to Add More
    Lesson 19: Writers Plan - Think, Touch
    Lesson 20: Partnerships Read Stories Together
    Lesson 21: Writers Choose Best Piece and Revise - Add Details, Labels, Information, Do Words Look Right