Writing Workshop

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    Please be patient as this website is an ongoing project and I will continue to update it and add more information as soon as I can. 

    Welcome to our writing workshop page. In this section you will find everything you need to help your child succeed in writing. Before we begin here is a little background on what writing workshop is. 

    Writing workshop is a one period block of time. Writing workshop begins with our writing mini-lesson. This lesson is typically 10 minutes long, during which we focus on one specific writing strategy. First I model the strategy, then the children have an opportunity to practice the new strategy, finally I summarize what we have learned and send the children back to their seats to start independent writing. While the children are writing I have an opportunity to meet with them individually forconferences. These conferences allow me to work with each child individually and focus in on what they specifically need. 
    On our website you will be able to track what we are learning each week during our mini-lessons. You can use this information to reinforce these skills at home. I have also posted the writing goals for each level. ALL children will begin the year with Beginning Writing Goals.
     It is important that throughout your child's Kindergarten writing career, especially the beginning, that they are encouraged and feel safe to make mistakes. We do not tell a child they are spelling incorrectly but rather that they are using Kindergarten writing. Children's writing will develop in stages. The first stage will be to use pictures to tell a story. Next they will progress  to listening for and writing the beginning sounds in their words. The next stage is to write both the beginning and ending sounds of their words. Once children have mastered writing the beginning and ending sounds they will begin to listen for the middle sounds in their words. Hard or consonant sounds will be easier for the children to hear and write. Vowel sounds are more difficult for many Kindergarten children to hear and they will develop an ear for them later on in the year. Here is an example of the stages your child may follow when writing:
    • Stage 1: Draws a picture of a cat and tells a story about having a pet cat.
    • Stage 2: Draws a picture of a cat, tells a story about having a pet cat and writes the letter "C" to represent the word cat.
    • Stage 3: Draws a picture of a cat, tells a story about having a pet cat and writes the letter "CT" to represent the word cat.
    Throughout the year it is important to continue to find ways to practice writing daily. HAPPY WRITING!