Unit 6: Readers Are Brave and Resourceful

Lesson 1: Launch Unit—Readers act when they read a part that does not make sense
Lesson 2: Readers scan the whole picture and think, “What’s happening here?”
Lesson 3: Readers think about what makes sense
Lesson 4: Readers think about how we sound as we read
Lesson 5: Readers make sure the words we say match the letters/words in the book
Lesson 6: Readers ask, "Do these words fit with what's happening in the story?"
Lesson 7: Readers try different strategies when one doesn't work
Lesson 8: Readers reread when it doesn't make sense
Lesson 9: Readers reread and think about how the words we are saying sound
Lesson 10: Readers get a running start and look at the first part of the word
Lesson 11: Readers go back and find all the words that gave us trouble
Lesson 12: Readers retell the important parts
Lesson 13: When one partner is stuck the other helps
Lesson 14: Partners listen to each other
Lesson 15: Partners help to look closely at words
Lesson 16: Partners retell the story to each other