Unit 4: We Can Be Reading Teachers

  • Reading Unit Four – We Can Be Reading Teachers: Teach Yourself and Your Partner to Use All You Know to Read

    Essential Question:

    How can I become the kind of reader who can teach myself and others about how to read?


    Bend One—Readers Teach Ourselves About a Book Before We Start to Read It and Then We Use What We Know as We Read

    How can I use strategies to read lots of books by myself and with my partner?

    Lesson 1: How can I book shop for just right books?

    Lesson 2: How can I read quietly during reading time?

    Lesson 3: How can I warm up before reading?

    Lesson 4: How can I look through the pictures and say what I see happening?

    Lesson 5: How can I look at the picture and the first letter to figure out tricky words?

    Lesson 6: How can I make sure my reading makes sense?

    Lesson 7: How can I make sure my reading sounds right?

    Lesson 8: How can I look for word wall words to help me read?


    Bend Two—Readers Can Reread Books and Be Teachers for Our Partners

    How can my partner and I help each other use everything we know about reading the pictures and the words?

    Lesson 9: How can I reread to fix up mistakes?

    Lesson 10: How can I use the letters in the word to help me read?

    Lesson 11: How can reading partners be like coaches?

    Lesson 12: How can partners think about what is going to happen next in the story?

    Lesson 13: What choices do I have for rereading?


    Bend Three—Readers Share Our Books and Ideas with the Community

    If my partner and I read with our minds turned on, can we use our talks to help us think about our books, and to ask and answer questions about them?

    Lesson 14: How can I share books with my friends?

    Lesson 15: How can I ask questions when I don’t understand?

    Lesson 16: How can I retell stories to remember the important parts?

    Lesson 17: How can I talk, share, and teach each other about our books in small groups?