Unit 3: Readers Use Super Powers to Read Everything in the Classroom and Beyond

  • Lesson 1: Readers use as many super powers as possible
    Lesson 2: Readers look at the pictures
    Lesson 3: Readers point under each word
    Lesson 4: Readers look for word wall words
    Lesson 5: Readers use the sounds
    Lesson 6: Readers notice patterns have a twist
    Lesson 7: Readers make sure the words make sense for the story
    Lesson 8: Readers make sure the words sound like talking
    Lesson 9: Readers look at the first letter to confirm
    Lesson 10: Readers cross check by asking three questions
    Lesson 11: Readers think about the kind of book
    Lesson 12: Readers search for stories
    Lesson 13: Readers search for information books
    Lesson 14: Readers think what the book is mostly about
    Lesson 15: Partners can be coaches