Unit 2: Readers Read, Think, and Talk about Emergent Story Books and Familiar Shared Texts

  • Lesson 1: Readers connect pages
    Lesson 2: Readers retell using key details
    Lesson 3: Readers study great storytellers
    Lesson 4: Readers use the pictures to name things
    Lesson 5: Readers reread to figure out where they are
    Lesson 6: Readers mark pages that give a strong feeling
    Lesson 7: Readers find pages that connect
    Lesson 8: Readers compare and contrast books and characters
    Lesson 9: Partners talk in more details
    Lesson 10: Partners ask to say more
    Lesson 11: Readers get ready to read by looking through the pictures
    Lesson 12: Readers use the pattern
    Lesson 13: Readers listen for how a book sounds
    Lesson 14: Readers double check their reading
    Lesson 15: Readers go back to get a running start
    Lesson 16: Readers think about what's going on
    Lesson 17: Partners pick a scene to act out
    Lesson 18: Readers think about how the character feels
    Lesson 19: Readers perform their favorite story (celebration)