What is Reading Workshop?

  • Reading workshop is a two period block of time typically scheduled back to back. During this block of time we do many different things. We always start reading workshop with a read aloud. This is an opportunity for us to model good reading strategies and behaviors. After completing the read aloud we move on to our reading mini-lesson. This lesson is typically 10 minutes long. During this time we focus on one specific reading strategy. First we model the strategy, then the children have an opportunity to practice the new strategy, finally we summarize what we have learned and send the children back to their seats to start reading. The children will begin reading with private/back-to-back reading in which they read their books by themselves and practice the new strategy that was just taught. After private reading the children will sit side-by-side for partner reading where they can practice reading together. When the children have completed both reading privately and with a partner we gather back on the rug for shared reading. Shared reading gives us a chance to practice reading strategies using a variety of mediums. We listen to songs and discuss the lyrics, we read poems or big books and focus on concepts of print, and we look at a piece of artwork to help get our minds thinking like readers and writers. All of these components together (read aloud, mini-lesson, private/partner reading, and shared reading) make up our reading workshop!